Merius Promona

Cartmaster and unknowing blade savant


Merius Pomona is an average height, average build. He sports sandy blonde hair and a cheerful round face. He makes his living carting goods around the countryside of Hypernia. He always carry a small worn leather bag on a string around his neck.


Merius lives a double life, the following story is the one he tells people:
Merius Promona is the single child of Decius and Duronia Pomona. He was raised in a village in the countryside surrounding Hypernia. His parents were honest farmers. He was raised helping on the farm but when he came of age he decided he was destined for bigger and better things. While his parent’s tried to dissuade him, he packed up and headed to Hypernia to make a living.

Here is Merius’ true background. He is one of the noble line of Pomponius. Merius is his real first name. Merius’ father Lucius Pomponius made his living as a very wealthy merchant. He had two sons: Merius, and his oldest boy Paulus. Both sons were raised with a silver spoon in their mouth but Paulus got all of the attention, being first born.

Merius always knew that he may have to end up working at something for a living and stayed much more active in his father’s business whenever he could. He learned to deal with people, how to haggle, manipulate. He soaked up as much knowledge as he could while his brother took a much easier path.

It wasn’t long past when the boys were teenagers when Lucius began depending on Marius to help him with the business. The scales began to shift in his favor and his brother, with no skills began to grow jealous.

When Merius was 17 years old, and his brother 19 the conflict between brothers came to a head and Merius was forced to flee for his life. ( we can flesh this out, maybe his brother set him up to look like the aggressor and his father ran him off. It could/should be a bit more heartbreaking and detailed than it is)

After this point, Merius set himself up in Hypernia, and began the journey that he is currently on.

Merius took the fist job he could find, loading carts as the south gate of Hypernia. Unlike many of his coworkers though, Merius saved every penny that he could. He set his sights on being a cart master early on. To him it represented the business his father was in, that he knew well, he also could hardly stand doing manual labor, he felt like a subordinate to the cart masters.

After a few years of hard work, Merius had the money to buy his own cart. He did just that, and joined the cart master’s guild. He was of course, the odd man out because many of his fellow cart masters had become used to looking down on him as a common loader.

The job didn’t live up entirely to Merius’ expectations, the money wasn’t great, the adventures were a bit dull and the hassle of owning your own business ended up being a bit more than it was chocked up to be. However, he remains a cart master, and has a good attitude about the future.

Merius is a blade prodigy. He has only been in a battle twice before, both times, quickly warding scrappy bandits away from his cart, and while he easily bested them, he always just made the assumption that his opponents were wildly unskilled.

Merius Promona

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