Valeria Calderra

Member of the Order of Illi


Game Sheet
Steel:3(currently -1 modifier for being raised in protected environment)
Affiliation: Order of Illi
Reputation: Nun of Illi
LifePaths: Born Peasant, Temple Acolyte, Priest, Itinerant Monk
Gifted(allows use of magic)
Esoteric(her time spent in the spiritual world makes it hard to communicate with regular people.
Vested(exra circles dice when dealing with the church)
Write B 2
Read B 4
Doctrine B 3
Temple-wise B 2
Oratory B 2
Suasion B 3
Symbology B 3
Religious History B 3
Meditation B 3
Streetwise B 2
Road-wise B 2
Sorcery B 4
Gear: Valeria is equipped for basic travel on the road, shoes, clothes, her Robes, a walking staff and a light pack and rations.
Belief: I will redeem myself in the eyes of the order through my charity
Belief: The weak must be defended, the needy must be provided for
Belief: I will find my brother and introduce myself
Instinct: I fiddle with my Illi Insignia when trying to make a decision


Valeria is a strong willed, kind sorceress. Raised in a temple, by the Order of the Illi. She takes her religion and service to humanity very seriously. While kind and helpful to all those in need, she has no tolerance for those who prey upon the aforementioned. With a strong command of magic, she can be quite the force to be reckoned with.
Valeria was inducted to the temple at a very young age where she excelled both academically, and magically. She is currently on a mission at the demand of the church after an accusation she made toward a fellow member and long time friend: Maria Vala.
Valeria suspected her friend of practicing a darker form of magic, when the authorities could find no evidence, they sent Valeria outside of the temple. She was very close to having her status in the Order stripped but was told she had a chance to redeem herself. Her banishment is indefinite.

Valeria Calderra

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